SGZH-503H AC Сервоприводы Series

Overview: SZGH-503 AC Сервоприводы can work with more than 3.8KW, 4.5 Kw Сервомоторы. it has high performance, no noise, work stable.
Горячая линия: 8 (800) 101 20 22
SGZH-503H AC Сервоприводы Series

▶ Specifications:

Mode of control:position,velocity and JOG control

Mode of input:pulse signal or analog voltage(0~±10V)

Frequency of pulse:<500KHz

Electronic gear:1/30000~30000

Precision of control:±0.01% work conditions

Input Power:three-фазовые :AC380V (+10%,-15%)

frequency :50Hz±1Hz 

Runing Temperature:0~55°C,relative humidity: 40-80%

Storing or Transporting Temperature:-10~70°C,relative humidity:<=90%,Vibration:<0.5G,10~60Hz

Atmosphere pressure:86-106kpa

No excessive flour dust,acid,alkali caustic gas and explosive gas,no strong electromagnetic

interference Direction of installation:servo drive’s installation direction must be upright

The ambient should be well ventilated