SZGH-SD2004 servo controller & Сервоприводы

SZGH-SD2004 servo controller can work with servo engine power range (50W-600W ) 3 phase 220V
Горячая линия: 8 (800) 101 20 22
SZGH-SD2004 servo controller & Сервоприводы

SZGH AC Servo system, 50W to 11KW ac Сервомоторы, which including  incremental or absolute type encoder. AC Сервоприводы which can support Modbus RS485, with 220VAC/380VAC!

Main Feature: 

1.Operate Steadily     

2. High Precision     

3. Big Power Range(50W-11KW)

4. Strong Overload Resistance  

5. High Speed and Excellent Performance

Servo encoder type :

  1. With Tamagawa encoder: Incremental(2500PPR)/Absolute Сервомоторы(17bits/23bits)
  2. PositionControl:Pulse+Direction,Modbus:RS485/EtherCAT/Canopen/PowerLink


Driver Model Control Mode Rated Voltage (A) Current  A)   Encoder Type Matched  Motor
Torque Position Velocity
SZGH-SD2004 Single or 3phase 220VAC 9 Increment 50-600W
SZGH-SD2010 Single or 3phase 220VAC 12 Increment 750W-1.0KW
SZGH-SD2026 Single or 3phase 220VAC 18 Increment 750W-3.8KW
SZGH-SD2075 Single or 3phase 220VAC 35 Increment 2.3KW-7.5KW
SZGH-SD4038 3phase 380VAC 18 Increment 2.3KW-3.8KW
SZGH-SD4075 3phaes 380VAC 35 Increment 3.5KW-7.5KW
SZGH-SD2004(H) Single or 3phase 220VAC 9 Absolute 50-600W
SZGH-SD2010(H) Single or 3phase 220VAC 12 Absolute 750W-1.0KW
SZGH-SD2026(H) Single or 3phase 220VAC 18 Absolute 750W-3.8KW
SZGH-SD2075(H) Single or 3phase 220VAC 35 Absolute 2.3KW-7.5KW
SZGH-SD4038(H) 3phase 380VAC 18 Absolute 2.3KW-3.8KW
SZGH-SD4075(H) 3phaes 380VAC 35 Absolute 3.5KW-7.5KW
SZGH-SD2004(E) Single or 3phase 220VAC 9 EtherCAT 50-600W
SZGH-SD2010(E) Single or 3phase 220VAC 12 EtherCAT 750W-1.0KW
SZGH-SD2026(E) Single or 3phase 220VAC 18 EtherCAT 750W-3.8KW
SZGH-SD2075(E) Single or 3phase 220VAC 35 EtherCAT 2.3KW-7.5KW
SZGH-SD4038(E) 3phase 380VAC 18 EtherCAT 2.3KW-3.8KW
SZGH-SD4075(E) 3phaes 380VAC 35 EtherCAT 3.5KW-7.5KW


▶ Specifications:

Mode of control:position,velocity and JOG control

Mode of input:pulse signal or analog voltage(0~±10V)

Frequency of pulse:<500KHz

Electronic gear:1/30000~30000

Precision of control:±0.01% work conditions

Input Power:single-фазовые or three-фазовые :AC220V (+10%,-15%)

frequency :50Hz±1Hz 

Runing Temperature:0~55°C,relative humidity: 40-80%

Storing or Transporting Temperature:-10~70°C,relative humidity:<=90%,Vibration:<0.5G,10~60Hz

Atmosphere pressure:86-106kpa

No excessive flour dust,acid,alkali caustic gas and explosive gas,no strong electromagnetic

interference Direction of installation:servo drive’s installation direction must be upright

The ambient should be well ventilated

Сервомоторы engine
servo controller